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Have you ever imagined or wished you could take your favorite kitchen on the moving train? This time, do you plan to order an e-food delivery service on the train every time you travel? Eating something that one loves or has loved for a long time while traveling by train is an indescribable experience. Do you check the reliability of online food delivery by train service providers who simultaneously take care of many aspects including quality, taste, richness and price of food? If the answer is yes, you are on the One Stop platform.

Ekhan is an established and growing online catering service provider serving more than 7,000+  trains at more than 250 stations with the number gradually increasing over time. The company aims to offer commuters and train passengers a wide variety of food options, with quality and price as top priorities. Not only has it gained recognition over time, but today it is known to serve thousands of travelers every day. Previously, fewer options were available to passengers given the quality of repairs and food available. Over time, many things have changed and improvised for the better.  Ekhana saw the health concerns of people getting sick from eating something unhygienic at train stations and came up with the idea to offer them the freshest, highest quality selection of snacks, meals, beverages and combo meals that could allow customers to meet for most of their trip, and it could also be done at the best possible price.

The platform is launched by a team of young professionals, all with the goal of serving food to train passengers, hygienically prepared and with the highest quality standards at preferential prices. You don’t want people to feel pressured not to get the food they want just because they are on the moving train. People have different reasons for traveling by train. We want our employees to enjoy their train journey, with the best meals they would like to eat. Whether travelers want a light snack or a North Indian, South Indian, Italian, Continental, Jain thali, Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian specialty, they have the option to try it.

How to Order Food from ekhana

Looking for details on how to order from Ekhana? The order can be placed through the website, a direct call. Decide which station you want your food delivered to, browse the menu and decide what to order which will satisfy your taste buds and fit within your budget. We’ve partnered with well-established and well-known grocery stores, restaurants, and service providers, and only have offices throughout the country, so travelers can be sure to receive only quality, flavorful, freshest food. Also, there is a guarantee that everything you order is worth every penny and will make your trip memorable. Follow the steps below and place an order for your favorite food in seconds.

How is EKhana different from others? Is there something unique and special about them that makes them a priority over others for grocery delivery? The company grew by leaps and bounds in a short time.

Diversity: The platform serves all age groups of passengers on a train with multiple options at affordable prices. We understand that being on the road or behind the wheel does not mean that your wishes cannot be fulfilled. We have links with well-known and famous chains and restaurants across the country. Don’t hesitate for a second when you order and get what your heart desires delivered right to your seat in no time, with great taste and the highest quality standards.

Class Services – The platform is popular for offering class services to its passengers, regardless of their caste, religion, denomination, or others. For us, each client is the same. Feel free to order through our platform and we take care of the rest with dedication and precision, covering aspects such as food preparation, quality, packaging, delivery, prices, etc.

Customer Service – Our platform provides 24/7 help and support to customers who trust us and our solutions from every corner. You can contact us at any time, track your orders, and give suggestions and comments at any time.

If you order through our website . Are you ready to experience the best?  The website works fine and smooth. The platform not only provides valued customers with seamless online meal delivery and catering services, but also helps them access train schedules, updates, and many other features and functions. You can easily check PNR status, seat availability, Indian Railway timetables, live train operating status and more. Use the platform, have your favorite food and enjoy the train trip to the fullest. Apart from our flawless online catering services to deliver train food to our customers, people can enjoy many other features and services on our platform, which are also related to accessing train timetables, updates, etc. Feel free to explore them, get reservations, check PNR status, check seat availability, access Indian Railway timetables, check real-time train running status and much more. Embrace technology and enjoy your journey to the heart.


Order Food in Trains with IRCTC-Authorized E-Catering Partner

Order delicious food on trains with Ekhana and have your choice of restaurant food delivered to your seat across India. You can book food on the train in advance of your train journey via the Ekhana website All you need to enter is your 10-digit PNR number or the name or number of the train.

Steps to Order Food on Trains Online From Ekhana

  1. Every passenger is allotted a 10-digit PNR number printed on the top left corner of the ticket. Any passenger who wants to order food of their choice via RailRestro can visit our website or download our app from Google Play Store.
  2. Enter the PNR number in the space provided and check the list of restaurants and food available en route.
  3. Select the restaurant and food you want to order.
  4. The selected menu will be added in the cart, and the total bill will be reflected on the screen.
  5. Click the checkout button, and you will be taken to the payment page.
  6. Select the appropriate payment gateway and pay your bill online by debit cards, credit cards, internet banking, Paytm, PayUMoney or Freecharge wallets.
  7. Want to pay offline? Choose the “Cash on Delivery” (COD) option. RailRestro will charge no food booking or delivery fee.
  8.  Now, sit back and relax! Let the train reach the station. Your ordered food will be served at your berth.

High-quality, hygienically prepared food with contactless delivery

Indian Railways is a transportation giant that Indians generally prefer to travel from one destination to another across India. Ekhana offers passengers a variety of dining options through its unique online dining service, including:

North Indian Dishes: North Indian cuisine is spicy and delicious. The perfect blend of spices and unique cooking style make it a better choice for eating on trains.

South Indian – Some of the South Indian dishes that Ekhana offers to passengers are Masala Dosa, Uttapam Upma, Idli, Vada, Pongal and a South Indian Thali.

Chinese: Chinese dishes are a varied mix of thick sauces, vegetables or chicken cooked with unique spices. Manchurian, Hakka noodles, fried rice, soups, and manchow are some of the best recipes. They are available to passengers at any time during the trip.

Fast Food: At each station, you can order fast food like burgers, fries, veg and non-veg pizza in different variations. Enjoy your journey with delicious fast food on the train.

Vegetarian Thali (Mini, Deluxe, Standard and Maharaja): An herbal thali fully nourishes the body. The varieties available in thali are mini veggie thali, deluxe thali, standard thali and maharaja thali. This dish may include paneer butter masala, seasonal vegetables, chapati, dal fry, raita, lettuce, sweets, cottage cheese, papad, and gherkins.

Non-Veg Deluxe Thali: Non-veg lovers should order this deluxe thali, which includes butter chicken/chicken curry, chapati/paratha, seasonal vegetables, dal fries, raita, ricotta, lettuce, papad, and cucumber. This is the most ordered Thali on the train.

Popular Food Varieties Available in Trains with Ekhana

Thali in Trains: Maharaja Thali, Deluxe Thali, Mini Thali, Standard Veg Thali, Non-Veg

  1. Thali, and many more
  2. Biryani in Trains
  3. Pizza in trains
  4. Pure Veg food on trains
  5. Non-Veg Food on trains
  6. Jain Food on Trains
  7. Group Food on Trains
  8. Breakfast in Trains
  9. Lunch in trains
  10. Snacks in Trains
  11. Dinner in trains
  12. Cakes in trains
  13. Milk in trains
  14. Beverages – Tea, Coffee, and Cold Drinks in trains
  15. Train Food suitable for New Moms, Babies, Infants, and Toddlers
  16. All national, and international cuisines including North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Italian, and many more

Traveling by train is stress-relieving and packed with benefits like social communication, fun, and memories you’ll cherish forever. The joy of travel is doubled when healthy and tasty food is delivered directly to your mooring. When traveling by train, the quality and availability of food are the concerns that bother any traveler. Passengers’ resentment and dissatisfaction with the pantry is visible, as the food prepared in the pantry or sold on the station premises is neither safe nor healthy. It breaks the cozy atmosphere during the trip and makes the traveler look for other ways to fill his belly with something hygienic and tasty. If you love traveling by train and crave delicious food served hot and fresh right to your seat, it’s time to choose Ekhana.